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Winter break classes coming!


SAT Prep Workshop

This course equips your student with content and skills necessary to be successful on the SAT. Designed to fit in with a teen’s busy schedule, this intensive review provides the jumping off point for continued practice at home. Classes are capped at 12 students, guaranteeing one-on-one attention from two experienced instructors. Special attention is given to the anxious test-taker.

  • Analyze skills gaps in Math and Reading & Writing

  • Receive 12 hours of personalized and individual instruction

  • Learn and practice test taking strategies

  • Take home a review and resource packet

  • Have the option for an additional 2.5 hours of essay writing instruction 

$295- Math and Reading & Writing workshops (4 days), Essay workshop (1 day, additional $50)


Coming in the summer of 2020!

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NEW! College Essay Workshop

Get a head start on your college essays! 

Each session is designed to help you define your topic, develop your voice, and write to be noticed. The goal is to have two revised essays, ready to showcase to colleges, by the end of the week. With a cap of twelve students, individual attention and editing is guaranteed.

ACT Workshop

If you learn the content for the SAT, then you know the content for the ACT. However, the tests themselves are markedly different. In this workshop, we explore the differences between the two tests, cover a bit of content, and practice, practice, practice!

The next school-wide test date is February 2020.

SAT Full Length Practice Test

The best way to prepare for the SAT is to take paper-based, full-length practice tests. Yes, the skills preparation through Khan Academy is very valuable. However, it does not prepare you for the test environment nor the pencil/paper task. Several scientific studies validate this point. Check out this one - it’s short and sweet. 

Optimistically, every student would practice on their own. Realistically…well...that isn’t always the case. In an effort to make the decision to practice easier, I arranged time to proctor a test. Each session will have a $15 fee that basically covers the printing costs.. Each session is limited to 10 students. There will not be an essay section. 

SAT Math - The Crash Course

This 3-hour session is designed to streamline the SAT Math preparation process. By providing additional tools for your math toolbox, you can maximize your efficiency at home for practice and review. With a class size limited to ten students, personal attention is guaranteed.

Skills Gap Analysis * SAT Math Content Overview * Khan Academy Walkthrough Take-home Review and Resource Packet * Testing Strategies

Lara can also custom-design a class for 4 - 6 students in your own home. 

Don’t See What You Need?

Lara can also custom-design a class for 4 - 6 students either in your own home or at the office.