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Here's the Deal.

I am a graduate of Duke University and North Carolina State University with degrees in history and chemical engineering. I am also a certified (but not currently licensed) secondary teacher, which is a fancy way to say that I also have my teaching degree. Over the years, I've taught school, waited tables, worked at Intel, been a stay-at-home mom, and tutored a variety of subjects and kids. My own life experiences required that I learn a great deal about ADHD and its close friends, dyslexia and anxiety. I've enjoyed sharing what I've learned with parents and students alike. 

I also have a dog. And a husband. But not necessarily in that order. 

When I started writing this page, I was stumped. It's hard to write about yourself. So I asked my own kids to write my 'about me' page to see where I should get started. They summed me up quite nicely, so their endorsements are below. Because it is hard to tutor your own kids, I did not correct the spelling and grammar. 



Karl, age 15

Among other things, Lara is a mother of three, a strong intellect, and has a try, try again attitude. She has all the attributes of a great role model: wisdom, kindness, and positivity, even if she does wake up on the wrong side of the bed occasionally.

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Lindsay, age 12

Lara is a problem solver in both real life and math. She is always in a goodish mood. Other than that she is very bossy in a good way. She is always willing to help you when you need help with anything.

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Billy, age 9

Mom is kind helpful and she is a great perent and ever boty has got to love her I am great to be her mom She is the #1 mom and she feeds the por and she is very brave! 😀 (pud a happy face at the end).


Meet Laurel Swift!

Laurel joined the team in the fall of 2018. She is currently is on leave from her regular job as a high school physics teacher with Evergreen Public Schools to be home with her little kids. She has a bunch of degrees and life-experience though and is putting them to good use as a part-time tutor!

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Science--Physics) from Lewis and Clark University

  • BS in mechanical engineering and BA Japanese language and culture from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  • Laurel worked for two years as a mechanical engineer in Boulder, CO.

  • She also spent 3 years living and working in Japan as an assistant language teacher with the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program).

If you need help with SAT content, middle-school math, Calculus, AP physics, or Pre-calc, look no further.