Organizational Tutoring

Lara has a great deal of experience working with students for whom the traditional structure of school is a less than perfect fit. Whether the student has ADHD, dyslexia, or simply lacks the skill-set to keep on top of assignments, Lara tailors her tutoring to meet the individual's needs. 

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Do I have to use A Planner?

Knowing when to start assignments, discerning which ones are more important than others, and keeping track of due dates may not come naturally to you or your student. However, learning how to manage and navigate a schedule that encompasses academics and extracurricular activities is a life skill. Lara excels in finding a system that works best for your student.

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The value of Relationships

Each student is an individual.  This means Lara gets to know the students' learning styles and where they are in terms of their knowledge, abilities, and potential. More importantly, it also means she gets to know their interests, personality, and background. The benefits are numerous; when learning is fun, it is more efficient and effective. And the kids want to keep coming. Relationships are valued.

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What's in that backpack?

Afraid to look? Or he just won't let you? Either way, Lara will work with your student to create a working system for organizational success. She also provides incentive programs for getting work completed *and* turned in on time. By keeping parents informed of what's due and when, a larger circle of support is created for the student without the conflict that often arises.